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The ORTO-auto consists of a series of rehabilitation devices that support post-operative orthopaedic patients in recovering function after total hip or knee arthroplasty. Each designed product fulfils another part of the timeline of the rehabilitation process.

During rehabilitation after total hip or knee arthroplasty, patients often ask when they will be able to drive a car again. At this moment there is no legislation and medical professionals lack the means of assessing their patients on the fitness of driver related skills. As a solution to this problem a series of orthopaedic training devices is designed, consisting out of four different products:

• The O.R.T.O.-auto will be placed on the orthopaedic department of the hospital. With this product patients can set their benchmarks, practice getting in- and out of a car and validate when they restored all their driving related skills to a healthy level at a later stage of the rehabilitation phase.

• The Ranger-Hip is used when practicing getting in- and out of the car. This device monitors the angle the hip makes and warns the patient when they risk dislocating the joint.

• The Pedal-Box will be taken home by the patients and is able to train the force exertion, motor control, capabilities for coordination and responsiveness. On a tablet an exercise program can be followed and extensive feedback is given to the patient.

• The Ranger-Knee will be taken home only by patients with a knee prosthesis and is able to train the range of motion of the replaced knee joint and prevent scarring of the tissue.

With the validation of their restored capabilities, patients will regain confidence in themselves when conducting daily activities. This enables them to actively participate in society again. The implementation of the products by the hospital may result in the creation of guidelines, with which the orthopaedic surgeons are able to assess the patients driving capabilities and provide them with a well-founded advice.

Product Category
Rehabilitation Device

Target group
Orthopaedic patients

April 2012