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While doing research in five TBS institutions within the Netherlands it was found that one of the problems with current furniture is their big potential for bringing damage to their surroundings f.i. personnel and windows.
Because floor anchors require large investments and rigorous adaptations to the environment, a more temporary solution was chosen to secure the TBS-chair to the ground.
This product eliminates the threat of bringing damage by the patients by adding an industrial strength suction cup underneath the chair turning it into an unmovable object within seconds.

Because of the large forces that could be exerted on the product, a strong vacuum force is manually applied to the suction cup with a small electric pump. The suction mouth can easily be connected to the funnel that reaches the suction cup through the opening on the side of the base of the chair.
A major advantage of this system is that the furniture can be produced without any mechanics on the outside.

This product can easily be thermoformed from the plastic Corian. Thanks to the positive qualities of Corian, scratches and any cracks in the material can be easily removed with a bit of glue and / or sandpaper.
Consequently, the design focuses on durability and is able to withstand extreme forces.

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June 2009