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The Picnic Castle is a multi-functional picnic-unit. When the unit is folded out, it becomes a toy castle, with which the children can play. The Picnic Castle will turn every picnic in a memorable, fun family trip!

Main functions:

- Transport picnic-items
All the food, as well as the necessary tableware can be stored within the Picnic Castle. The plates are tightened against the inside of the folding bridge, four cups can be found inside the tower and the cutlery is stored inside the designated container.

- Keep items separately
The food can be separated into different drawers and the tableware is stored in different parts of the Picnic Castle. This enables the users to have an organized and tidy picnic-experience.

- Keep out insects
Because every compartment can be sealed close, no insects are able to access the food or other items.

- Provide cooling
A large part of the Picnic Castle consists of a cooling compartment. This cool box has room for several soda bottles. The drop in temperature is reached by the use of cooling elements.

- Create table top
When the folding bridge is folded downwards, it forms a surface which can be used as a table top. This rigid, smooth surface ensures that the drinks that are placed on it have a secure basis and won't get spilled that easy.

- Opportunity to cut fresh
The glass plate that closes off the puppets and cutlery storage can be used as an easy-to-clean cutting board. Therefore fruits and other types of food can be cut fresh at the spot.

- Keep kids occupied
Because of the way this picnic unit is designed, it gives great pleasure to the children during the picnic. The shape resembles a castle and matching puppets and a plaid with graphics of a landscape printed on it are included. This enables the children enjoy themselves with their own imagination. Because the Picnic Castle forms the centre of the picnic-experience, the parents won't have any problems to keep an eye on their children.

Product Category
Foodware, Children Toy

Target group
Families with young children

April 2009